Saturday, December 10, 2011


I did some felting today since I had room with a load of towels.

That thumb is still too big.  I''m not sure how I'm going to fix it.

Some snowflake coasters

Some petroglyph coasters

A vase with a mosaic pattern at the top

While it could be used as a wine cozy, the wine bottle is really there to shape the bottom of the vase.  I often find that vases and bowls come out of the washer with really rounded bottoms.  I search through my kitchen for the appropriate sized jar/bottle/tupperware/etc.  to mold the bottom to a nice flat shape.

And lastly, my favorite of the day, another vase

I think this one is going to be really cool after it gets a shave.  It has a tupperware molding it's bottom and a mesh laundry bag full of bean bag pellets pressed inside it to force the sides to round out nice and evenly.

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