Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Tree

I got busy yesterday and forgot all about blogging, so there goes my month of blogging everyday.  Oh, well.

Today was the day to put up my Christmas tree.  I bought a tree from a local tree farm, Donovan's, in the silent auction at the Benton County Democrats holiday party last week.  I've gotten my tree from Donovan's the last couple years, so when I saw it in the auction, I pounced.  This afternoon I drove out there to pick out my tree.  It's a 6 foot noble fir.

I had a moment of thinking it was too pretty a tree to spoil with decorations, maybe I'd just admire it au naturel for the next couple weeks.  

After giving it a couple hours inside to dry off,  I decorated it.  Isn't it pretty?

I think it came out really nice, and it's even prettier with the lights off, though that's hard to photograph.

And no, I haven't finished that tree skirt yet.  It needs a few more rows, hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow.

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