Saturday, April 7, 2012

Guilty of Blog Neglect

I've been neglecting my blog terribly. I set myself the goal of blogging every day in December. When I failed to keep up with that, I got mad at the blog and didn't post for a while. The longer it got, the more inertia there was. I started to think I needed to explain not blogging for so long. There really isn't a reason other than that I didn't. I do tend to hibernate and get quite antisocial in the dark, gloomy Oregon winters, so I expect that was part of it. I haven't been on google plus in months either.

Spring is here though. Today it was sunny and gorgeous outside (though it's clouded up again now). I got out and did some gardening this afternoon. I picked up a lot of leaves. (There's an oak tree near me that irritatingly hangs on to a lot of its dead leaves until it buds in the spring, so throughout the winter, every wind dumps a few more leaves in my yard. I tend to pick up the worst in late fall and then ignore it until spring comes.) I trimmed my grass for the first time this year. And I pulled some weeds. I think my thigh and butt muscles will be sore tonight - I did a lot of bending down and squatting today. A couple more sunny days and I'll have my yard whipped into shape for the spring and my seeds planted. I'm planning on a lettuce mix, radishes, and nasturtiums for salads, some broccoli cuz it's become my favorite veggie, and some sunflowers just because they're cheerful.

To catch you up on my knitting, here are photos of some of the things I've knit since I last posted.

January Teddy

A Valentine for Teddy

March Teddy trying to talk a leprechaun out of  his bag of gold,
My Dad carved the leprechaun for me as an Xmas present this past year - Dad's very talented at carving.

A Lace Shawlette out of Brown Sheep Naturespun

A cotton shower scrubby

A felted leprechaun hat
Originally meant for Teddy, it failed to shrink in felting so it's way too big for him.
Kitty posed reluctantly for this photo, but generally refuses to wear the hat.
It doesn't fit anyone but the kitty, so it sits forlornly on a table, unworn.

My very first crochet project.
Made from some of my sister's handspun that she sent me when she destashed a few years ago.

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