Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone's year is off to a good start. I'm not quite sure about mine. I was reading The Yarn Harlot earlier today. She talks about including in your New Year's Day the things you'd like the next year to hold. I'd like to get outside and walk/hike more than I have in the recent past. Oregon put on a sunny face today, after 2012 was our 4th wettest year ever, so I went for a walk at my neighborhood wetland.

So far so good. As is common at this time of year, sunny = cold in Oregon.

Yup, so cold there was ice. That boardwalk? Fine in the sun. Not so fine in the shade. In fact, very icy and slippery in the shade. My feet slid out from under me at one point and I landed on my butt. I do hope that doesn't mean my year is going to include a lot of falling, because I've always been way too prone to tripping on a flat sidewalk.

Outside of the fall, it was a nice walk. Oregon's furry trees are at there best on a sunny winter's day. No leaves to hide the fur and the sunshine brings out the green tint to the fur.

Hope you are having as nice a day, minus the slip-sliding on ice!